Corporate Compliance

Our Guiding Principles

Avoid corruption at all levels

A fundamental value.

Environmental sustainability

Drive sustainable environmental development of our products respecting people's health.

Taxation responsibility

Follow transparently all tax and accounting regulations.

Protect ourselves and third parties

Protect the result of our work and respect the right of third parties.

Cooperate with our auditors or inspectors

Both national and international.

Free trade principles

Respect and comply with all Laws.

Respect international laws

Compliance at national and international level

Good working conditions

Offer our personnel a good working environment based on respect and avoiding discrimination.

Avoid conflicts of interest

Mediation is the key to overcome corporate and personal interest.

Continuous improvement

The will to improve day by day.

Our Guiding Codes

Corporate Compliance Policy

Corporate Compliance Policy


Code of Ethics and Conduct

Code of Ethics and Conduct


Human Rights Policy

Human Rights Policy


Anti-corruption and anti-bribery and conflicts of interest

Anticorruption and antibribery and conflicts of interest


Third-Parties Code of Conduct

Third-Parties Code of Conduct


Non-Financial Information Statement

Consolidated Non-Financial Information Statement as of 31th March 2022

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