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UQUIFA Group works closely with its customers to understand their needs, challenges, goals, and to provide them with customized solutions that meet their specifications and expectations. During the last 25 years we have collaborated with many pharmaceutical and animal health companies to manufacture products for both human and animal health use, and to enhance the quality, efficiency and impact of chemistry research and innovation, as well as foster the exchange of knowledge, skills and resources.

UQUIFA Group offers a wide range of custom synthesis and contract manufacturing services, from early-stage development to commercial-scale production. Our collaboration with our customers is based on trust, transparency, and mutual respect, developing long-term relationships with its customers, some of which span over decades.

We are focused on the science and our capacity to work with a wide range of chemicals and therapeutic classes is key to our success.

Acid chloride preparations
Borane derivatives
Bromination & Nitration synthesis
Chiral - Asymmetric synthesis
Chlorine chemistry
Cryogenic reactions
Cryogenic conditions - Alkyl lithium
Cyclopendiene based chemistry
Ethylene-oxide chemistry
Grignard & Organometalic reactions
Heterocyclic chemistry
High temperature reactions
Hydroxy ethilations
Mercaptan chemistry
Metathesis reactions
Nitro compounds reduction without metal catalyst
Propylene-oxide chemistry
Sulfide chemistry
Sulfite chemistry
Sulfoxide chemistry
Sulfur chemistry
Suzuki & Coupling reactions
Triphosgene reactions
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