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This is a specific and completely confidential communication channel available to all of us who make up your company (employees, collaborators, customers, suppliers, etc.) which serves as an instrument for making queries, raising doubts and/or submitting complaints according to the Spanish Law 2/2023 and related to the application of our Code of Ethics and Conduct as well as any possible irregularity, breach or behaviour contrary to ethics, legality and the rules governing this Group, including in particular possible cases of fraud or corruption, anti-competitive practices, violations of human rights, harassment or damage to the environment. 

The communication will be made through the designed form and the owners of Uquifa guarantee total confidentiality and, of course, we will activate all the measures at our disposal to avoid any type of retaliation. 

This mechanism is also established to receive inquiries about doubts that may arise in the application of internal rules and procedures of the group. 

At UQUIFA Group are committed to transparency, therefore, we appreciate the fact of receiving these communications, which allow us to correct facts and permanently improve as a group. Please, consult our Ethical Channel Policy.

Responsible for the Ethical Channel

The management of the Ethical Channel corresponds to the Ethics, Compliance & Integrity Officer (hereinafter, ECI Officer) or Local Compliance delegate, who assumes the task of receiving, verifying, and treating queries or complaints received. 


The UQUIFA Group has made available the Ethical Channel is accessible via web, email, postal or telephone address, through which all communications must be formulated.  

How to report an issue?


For proper management, the communications received must contain the necessary piece of information to be able to analysis of the report facts 

  • Contain an explanation of the facts 
  • Identify people involved with or with knowledge of the behaviour reported. 
  • Time when the event occurred or has been occurring. 
  • Provide, if deemed necessary, documents, files or other information deemed relevant for the evaluation and resolution of the complaint. 
  • Provide contact method to expand any additional information. 

While more information is provided on the situation, more capacity for action there will be to manage the complaint. 

False complaint:  For false complaints, the sanctions established in the sanctioning regime of UQUIFA Group will be applied.

Confidential or Anonymous?

You can choose to submit a report confidentially or anonymously. 

  1. Confidential: If the complainant decides to send the complaint with contact information, the Compliance Officer could contact you for further information, if necessary.
  2. Anonymous: If the complainant decides to send the complaint anonymously, they must keep the PIN generated by the application, this pin is the only way they will have to follow up on the complaint and check if the manager requires additional information.


Important:  The expansion of information, if required by the Compliance Officer, is necessary for the complaint to be properly managed and not closed due to lack of data. 

Where to report an issue?

The management and access routes to the Channel are distinguished according to the country and are the following:

Postal Address
Phone number
Carrer Mallorca 262, 3º
08008 Barcelona – Spain
ATTN Ethics, Compliance & Integrity Officer
+34 934 674 810
Carrer Mallorca 262, 3º
08008 Barcelona – Spain
ATTN Ethics, Compliance & Integrity Officer
+34 934 674 810
Mexico Uquifa México SA de CV
Calle 37 Este nº 126
62578 Juitepec – Mexico
ATTN Local Compliance Delegated
+52 777 329 5000
Hungary Soneas Chemicals, Ltd.
Illatos út 33
H-1097 Budapest – Hungary
ATTN Local Compliance Delegated
+36 1 347 5060
Carrer Mallorca 262, 3º
08008 Barcelona – Spain
ATTN Ethics, Compliance & Integrity Officer
+34 934 674 810
You can also use our Reporting Channel.

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Carrer Mallorca 262, 3º
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