3rd position in the Emergency Brigades Tournament

Our Emergency Brigade in Uquifa, Mexico won 3rd place in the Emergency Brigade Tournament organised by the PAM Group: An Aid Plan Group integrated by 20 companies from the industrial park where we are located, in Cuernavaca – Morelos. Through the PAM Group we receive training, best practices, audits and emergency preparedness. In this tournament we were able to put our training and emergency drills into practice, including the use of the equipment available in the event of an emergency.

Plants is one of our 3 P’s: At the Uquifa Group, safety is one of our main objectives, and since 2021, our production plant in Mexico has developed an internal programme, integrated by highly qualified members of the operations department, who receive continuous training on health, safety and environmental issues. Four members of the brigade also achieved Level 2 certification in medical emergencies.

Congratulations to our Emergency Brigade on this great achievement!

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