DCAT 2023

Our Business Development teams were happy to conclude a successful DCAT 2023 in New York City, from March 20-23rd, 2023. 
We look forward to taking our discussions ahead with established and emerging customers of the Uquifa Group. 
UQUIFA offers scale-up and large-scale manufacturing from our GMP sites in Spain and Mexico. SONEAS Chemicals Ltd., our team in Hungary, offers capabilities in process development, scale up and industrial manufacture.
Together, we offer an integrated solution to your development & manufacture needs of RSMs and APIs from Europe and North America.
UQUIFA from its GMP sites in Spain and Mexico also offers its own portfolio of Off-Patent APIs. Along with commercial products, we do have an interesting development pipeline as well.
Please reach us on cdmo@uquifa.com and/or apis@uquifa.com for your needs.
Chemistry for a better life.

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