UQUIFA, new member of the Fundación Empresas IQS

Fundación Empresas IQS has incorporated as a new member UQUIFA, manufacturer of APIs and intermediates for the pharmaceutical and animal health industry. The company’s membership was formalised at an institutional event held on 21 November at the IQS headquarters. The event was attended, on behalf of UQUIFA, by Saurabh Gurnurkar, General Manager; Pilar Valle, Financial Director; and Susana Anguera, HR Manager. On behalf of IQS, Dr. Salvador Borrós, General Director of IQS, and Rosa Curt, Director of the IQS Business Foundation.

The Uquifa Group is a small molecule API (active pharmaceutical ingredient) development and manufacturing company based in Barcelona. Founded in 1936, the Uquifa Group currently serves a global customer base from its factories in Spain, Mexico and Hungary through its CDMO and off-patent API business lines. It focuses on delivering value through its development and manufacturing capabilities to a customer base in the pharmaceutical and specialty chemical industries, with the US, EU and Japan being its main markets.

UQUIFA Group is a team of around 750 people and has an international customer base in 70 countries. R&D and innovation remain at the core of the company’s strategy. Investments in people, plant facilities and processes continue to be made to remain at the forefront of technology.

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