AED training

At Uquifa we are firmly committed to the safety of our workers and that is why we conceive health and safety as fundamental values of our corporate culture.
To fulfill this mission, we have conducted an AED training (Automated External Defibrillator) to a total of 65 workers in all work shifts.
Training in this area and having the right knowledge, can make the big difference between saving a person’s life or not. Some of the advantages are:

  • Having the necessary training makes the person who has received it more confident and secure when applying CPR and using the AED.
  • Being able to identify perfectly what is happening by trained personnel and provide a much faster and more agile care, even before the arrival of health personnel.
  • Reduce the time to initiate CPR and first defibrillation, derived from the above and helping increase the survival rates in case of cardiac arrest.

Let there be no doubt that safety is everyone’s responsibility, and it is a success to act jointly, participatively and with involvement to ensure safety in all work shifts.

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