World Health Day

On World Health Day, proclaimed on 7 April 1948 by the World Health Assembly, we remember the need to raise awareness of deadly global diseases and the importance of each of us adopting healthy habits in our daily lives.

Furthermore, in the situation we are currently experiencing, we have to live with a virus, COVID-19, which has been declared a global health emergency by the World Health Organization (WHO).

The health pandemic we are experiencing has highlighted the inequalities that exist in the world in terms of the ability to live a healthier life and the access or better access to health services that different people have, depending on their socio-economic status and geographical location.

This is unjust and avoidable. That is why the theme for World Health Day 2021 is: “Build a fairer and healthier world”.

At Uquifa, we humbly try to contribute to this goal in two ways:

On the one hand, as a chemical-pharmaceutical company, our business and activities touch the lives of people and animals, and our solutions contribute to improving their health and quality of life, as well as the well-being of the environment.
and the well-being of the environment.

On the other hand, and with respect to all employees working in Uquifa:

– We guarantee equal treatment and opportunities for all, from selection to promotion, evaluation and remuneration, retention mechanisms and, if necessary, disciplinary procedures, throughout the entire employment relationship.

– We promote the adoption of occupational health and safety policies and take all necessary preventive measures to prevent occupational risks, including measures related to the prevention of COVID-19.

– We promote and facilitate, as far as possible, the reconciliation of work and family life.

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